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and Allier

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Lespéron is on the borders between three regions: Languedoc Roussillon with the department of Lozere, Auvergne with the department of Haute-Loire and Rhônes-Alpes with Ardeche.

The well-known Regordane way, which once linked St Gilles du Gard to Le Puy en Velay, runs through the village. The history of the route is associated with mule transportation. The route was then neglected in favor of the Rhône way, considered safer. The Roman Saint Hilaire church was built with beautiful granite stones in the twelfth century and was listed as a historical monument in 1941. Two rivers run through the village: the Espezonnette and the Allier River that allow swimming and fishing. Nearby, an aerodrome offers various air sports and activities. The proximity of Langogne and the major routes sustains the village economic growth.

Latitude 44° 43′ 54” North
Longitude 3° 53′ 55” East
Altitude 910m (mini) – 1355m (maxi)
Population 324 inhabitants