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The village offers outstanding natural spaces like the national forest and the Espezonnette River which literally means “very abounding in fish”.

The village name would come from the “via lata” (the present RN102) which separates the village in two different aeras (Lavillatte and Belvezet). Located on the Roman path from Alba to Le Puy en Velay, Lavillatte was a central place on the Roman road network. Later, the village became the headquarters of an important centre of The Knights Templar. There are numerous remnants of this past: the Maltese cross on granite rocks and the tomb of one of the Knights with an extended cross on the top that you can see in the cemetery. The village is special because the forest extends over more than one-third of the 1850 hectares that the village covers.

Latitude 44° 44′ 42” North
Longitude 3° 57′ 12” East
Altitude 1060m (mini) – 1405m (maxi)
Population 80 inhabitants