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Surrounded with beautiful fir forests, green pastures and peaceful rivers, Lanarce makes the promise of a quiet environment, ideal for relaxing moments.

Lanarce is a former mule track stop on the way from Aubenas to Le Puy en Velay. At that time, there used to be some inns. The most famous is undeniably “l’Auberge de Peyrebeille”, also called “l’Auberge Rouge” that Fernandel’s movie had revisited. According to legend, l’Auberge Rouge would have been the scene of bloody stories: the owners robbed the travellers. They were unmasked and executed in 1833.

As far as the etymology of Lanarce is concerned, the origin of the name lies in “Narce” which here means “wetland, marsh”. The peat-bog of “Sagne Redonde” is a very sensitive habitat, of great importance for biodiversity.

Nowadays, the village is known for its “salaisons” (cooked pork meats) and its large choice of activities associated with forestry, agriculture and cattle rearing.

Latitude 44° 43′ 45” North
Longitude 4° 00′ 14” East
Altitude 1094m (mini) – 1412m (maxi)
Population 179 inhabitants