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La Chapelle Graillouse

In the middle of the plateau, this village offers vast viewpoints on the Mount Gerbier de Jonc and many other summits.

Many theories have been posited about the etymology of the village name: it could come from “grai” or “grailles” meaning crows and frogs in the local language. It could also be a derivation of “Capella Gratiosa” (“Tchapello Gracillouso” in the local dialect), meaning “graceful chapel” in French.

Come and discover a vast architectural inheritance like the medieval hamlet of Villeneuve and its manor house or the mill of Courbet. You can have a good time in this dynamic and authentic village which atmosphere is filled with legends (legend of the Pessade) and places of interest (the magnetic stone of the Chazomes).

Latitude 44° 48′ 48” North
Longitude 4° 01′ 15” East
Altitude 868m (mini) – 1233m (maxi)
Population 237 inhabitants