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There is no better way to admire incredible views of mountain summits of the plateau than by walking on the countless trails running through the village.

Thus, by going deep down into the woods, you will head towards the Saint Clair Chapel. According to legend, the water jet of the fountain would be a cure for sight problems.  You will discover the most important peat-bog of the region. It provides a habitat for rare butterflies and plants which makes the peat-bog of La Gineste and les Narces exceptional.

The origin of Issanlas dates back to the tenth century: it would be in 950 that the village appeared on a map (La Charta Vénus) for the first time under the name of Iciliacium. Issanlas is the ideal place for walkers and fishers. The village will seduce you over the seasons in a preserved natural environment.

Latitude 44° 45′ 57” North
Longitude 4° 00′ 44” East
Altitude 1119m (mini) – 1374m (maxi)
Population 139 inhabitants