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The village of Coucouron is the main town of the district regrouping 9 villages. The village was built at the foot of a volcano called La Laoune. Coucouron has great landscape richness, an exceptional inheritance of the past and a qualitative green touristic offer. The rural community offers a large range of public facilities and utilities.

There are charming alleys from the town hall to the twelfth-century Saint Martin Church. The church was deeply damaged at the end of the French revolution, but it was entirely rebuilt from 1854. The porch of the church, listed in 1907, is the only remnant of the Romanesque building. The powerful family of Montlaur reigned over the huge estate spreading out over Velay, Gévaudan, Vivarais and Auvergne. Today, two kilometers away from Coucouron, there is only a bare rock left from the castle of Montlaur because time and men have made it go away.

Nowadays, the village has managed to maintain quietness and to preserve peaceful landscapes while developing activities and enlarging its resources. Once a week, on Wednesday, the traditional market guarantees a variety of flavors and savors for your palate and particularly cheese and meet. On summer, you can visit the lake and rent canoes and pedalo and do many other activities (water games for children, fishing…) 

Latitude 44° 48′ 16” North
Longitude 3° 58′ 19” East
Altitude 958m (mini ) – 1313m (maxi)
Population 818 inhabitants